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Data-driven solutions for every fleet

Passenger & Public Transportation

Passenger & Public fleets have the heavy responsibility of securing the safety and punctuality of passengers. We help you provide a seamless customer experience, while running on schedule, by monitoring departure and arrival times, notifying passengers of expected arrival times, as well as monitoring driving behavior.


Running a fleet of heavy equipments requires unwavering control of your drivers, assets, and materials, especially when deployed to remote sites for a long time. Keep your projects on schedule and on budget with our heavy equipment solutions, designed to optimize equipment utilization and monitor engine hours.

School Transportation

Enhance fleet efficiency and leverage preventative maintenance with our school bus fleet management solutions to avoid downtime and lengthen your assets’ lifespan. Tailored to comply with major safety and school liability issues, this solution is made to increase asset visibility and safeguard your fleet and passengers.

Road Transportation

Trucking or haulage companies run on heavy logistics costs and high fuel consumption. They require an absolute visibility of every aspect of fleet management, from safety and live tracking, to driver behavior and fuel control. Our solutions dedicated to road transportation help you address all these concerns while keeping your costs under control and staying competitive.


Shipping goods from point A to B involves many factors that inevitably influence delivery times, quality and costs. Managing such a fleet requires being able to react quickly and efficiently when the delivery plans cannot be met. STG Telematics Solutions help you run your supply chain the most efficient and safest way possible.

Rental cars

Rental car companies need an easy and effective way to track many vehicles at one time. By utilizing our fleet tracking solutions, you have access to a platform that follows every vehicle in your fleet. You will know where your vehicles are located inside predefined regions and be able to mitigate the risk of theft and vehicle damage.

Sales Forces

Improve your sales force productivity and customer service by setting up geofenced zones to map when your teams arrive and leave clients appointments. With the right fleet management tools we provide you will be able to track your team's daily field trips, assign them to the best routes and schedules and maximize efficiency.

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