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Lewes, De 19958, USA
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Artificial Intelligence that transforms your mobility

Our advanced AI technology can assess suspicious fuel usage like sudden drops, underfilling or siphoning.  A WhatsApp audio alert or a call will notify the fleet manager, enabling them to intervene with more effective handling of fuel theft situations.

The future of mobility is here !

In a constantly changing world, where fast growing technologies are taking the lead and possibilities in fleet management are becoming limitless, STG Telematics is owning up to the change and committing to a safer, and more mobile, sustainable world. With AI-powered solutions and data driven decisions, we are building a new generation of telematics technologies and a future of smart mobility, where solutions centered on Big data and Artificial Intelligence are constantly evolving for more optimal fleet management.

Real time close follow-up of your fleet

We provide in-depth reporting on your fleet activity:

Real-time vehicle tracking
Driving behavior control
Routes planning & optimization
Fuel consumption control
Cost of ownership

These reports give you key insights and large visibility of every aspect of your fleet, including targeted issues for improvement. Tailor your own reporting now, based on your own fleet and business needs.

Your fleet optimization starts here !

At STG Telematics we aim to transform the future of mobility and fleet management with data-driven insights and AI-powered solutions. We help you increase fleet visibility and get a near real-time view of your daily operations to save time and costs. 

From fuel control, to driver behavior and many other solutions, STG Telematics helps you drive your business in a safer, smarter and more efficient way. 

Connected, Safe and Responsible

AI Enhanced Dashcam

Our AI enhanced camera solution is used to increase the safety and efficiency of your operations by capturing reliable on-road footage and using the driver’s behavior analysis of the driving recorder and G-sensor-included collision technology to send alerts and prevent collisions.

AI-Powered features

Learn more about the Dashcam & Advanced Video Telematics features that will enhance your fleet management

Driver Monitoring Solution - DMS

Driver reminder to focus on the road when distracted or tired, through Face ID.

Advanced Driver Assistance System - ADAS

Real time alerts - Forward Collision, Speed Violation, Stop Violation, Lane Drift.


Dual Dashcam

GPS integrated road and driver facing Dashcams.

G-sensor Alerts

Footage analysis of driver behavior triggers - harsh braking, harsh cornering or acceleration.

Incident video recording

Events recorded footage to resolve insurance disputes and conduct driver training.

key figures

1 Terabytes

processed data
1 Millions DHS

Fuel savings
1 Millions Hours

work optimization
1 %

Accident Prevention

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STG Telematics LLC
16192 Costal Highway,
Lewes, De 19958, USA

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