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Transport des passagers

Passenger and public transport

As a public transport service provider, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and punctuality of your passengers. Our geolocation solution enables you to improve delay management, plan vehicle routes, and estimate arrival times for your passengers, while closely monitoring the driving behavior of your drivers.

BTP et construction


To guarantee the financial success and smooth running of your projects in the building and construction sector, it's essential to maintain infallible control over your heavy machinery. With our solution, you can monitor the location and condition of your machines in real time, as well as their specific use and working hours on site.

Transport Scolaire

School transportation

The fleet management solution specially designed for school transport provides concrete answers to key concerns about pupil safety and driver behavior. Thanks to the STG With Telematics solution and our GPS, parents and administrators can now track the location of the bus in real-time, enabling them to adhere more effectively to school arrival times and anticipate children's return home. This approach guarantees peace of mind while ensuring accurate and secure monitoring of school transport.

Transport & Logistique

Road transportation

The transport and logistics industry requires rigorous management of multiple resources, from planning truck routes to improving overall operational efficiency. Every unforeseen incident or unwarranted overtime generates significant costs, significantly affecting your company's profitability. To remedy these challenges, our GPS Car Morocco solution offers concrete answers and supports you in optimizing your operational performance.

Location des voitures

Car rental

To meet the unique challenges of the car rental industry, STG Telematics has designed a solution specifically tailored to meet the industry's unique requirements. With a set of customized alerts and remote monitoring of vehicle speed and mobility, our in-car GPS solution is tailor-made to meet the needs of your car rental business.



As a distribution fleet manager, you have to deal with a multitude of factors that have an impact on delivery times, quality, and costs. With this in mind, STG Telematics offers you a comprehensive solution that enables you to maintain total control over the vehicles in your fleet, the goods being transported, and the behavior of drivers at every stage of the distribution process.

Commerciaux terrain

Sales forces

STG Telematics' fleet management tools are specially designed to help you optimize your sales team's travel planning. In real time, you can keep a close eye on your sales force's performance and movements, while being informed of the duration of each meeting and the progress of the daily schedule. These features give you a clear, detailed view of your sales force's activity, for greater efficiency.

Gestion des déchets

Waste management

The waste management sector is facing growing challenges in collection, sorting, and recycling, requiring an intelligent and efficient solution. That's where Wastrack, the cutting-edge solution from STG Telematics, comes in. This revolutionary technology offers municipal managers, companies, and collection service providers the opportunity to optimize and streamline their waste management processes.


Gestion du carburant

Fuel management

Fuel-related expenses can account for up to 60% of a fleet's logistics costs. For a fleet of 100 trucks, the absence of effective management tools can lead to an average loss of 1.2 million dirhams per year. STG Telematics' fuel management and anti-theft solution enable you to monitor fuel consumption levels and track all the indicators that have a direct impact on your fleet's operational efficiency in real-time, thanks to our GPS in Morocco. Control your fuel to perfection with our advanced technology, and save money with affordable monthly rates.

Prévention des pannes grâce à la maintenance anticipée

Monitor the status of your fleet in real-time

We push the limits of technological accessibility to optimize vehicle fleet management with our geolocation system. Our solutions include proactive maintenance, fuel management, driving behavior monitoring, and the use of on-board cameras. They guarantee efficient and safe operations throughout the journey. Thanks to our solutions, our customers can boost the competitiveness and profitability of their logistics and human resources.

Optimisation du comportement de vos conducteurs avec Traceurs GPS

Proactive maintenance

Preserve the life of your vehicles and reduce maintenance costs by adopting a preventive approach to fleet maintenance. By carefully monitoring the health of your fleet and planning maintenance alerts in advance, you can proactively address maintenance issues before they arise, avoiding costly repairs or vehicle downtime.

Planification avancée des trajets avec Traceurs GPS

Driver behavior

Fuel consumption, the condition of your vehicles, and the safety of your drivers are closely linked to a fluid and responsible driving style, which can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, as well as the number of accidents by up to 50%. Thanks to our driving style optimization module and our in-car GPS system, you'll benefit from a detailed analysis of your drivers' driving behavior. An overall safety score will enable you to assess the level of risk associated with each driver, by analyzing their driving profile according to our specific parameters.

Solutions de préservation du froid

Cold rooms & refrigerated trucks

Preserve the integrity of your goods and prevent theft or damage with our solutions especially designed for refrigerated trucks and cold stores.
- Monitor the temperature inside refrigerated containers in real-time.
- Detect unauthorized opening and closing.
- Receive immediate alerts in the event of cooling motor failure.

Solution de caméras embarquées dotées d'Intelligence Artificielle et traceurs GPS

Route planning and optimization

Route planning and optimization Good route planning is an essential prerequisite for optimizing your fleet's performance. Our advanced route management solution gives you the ability to precisely plan routes, establish landmarks and specific geographical areas (geofences), and create alerts to detect vehicles that deviate from their predefined routes thanks to our GPS geolocation system. This solution is ideal for ensuring customer satisfaction, thanks in particular to its arrival time estimation module. What's more, it saves you time and fuel costs, contributing to more efficient fleet management.

Surveillez en temps réel l'état de votre flotte avec traceurs GPS

Advanced technology for the protection of your loads

STG Smart Lock solutions use advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and route planning to ensure the protection of transport companies' loads. They offer real-time anomaly alerts, monitoring, geofencing features, and detailed reports. In addition, the application integrates "Big Data" analysis for effective management of the lock stock. This reduces risks and ensures customer satisfaction.

Une technologie de pointe pour la protection de vos chargements avec traceurs GPS

On-board camera solution with Artificial Intelligence

Our in-car camera solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is specially designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations by combining recorded images with driving data, giving you reliable visibility of incidents that occur on the road. This AI-powered solution identifies risky behavior and alerts drivers in real-time to prevent collisions.

Solution de gestion de flotte des cyclomoteurs avec traceurs GPS

Motorcycles fleet management solution

This solution is revolutionizing the way companies supervise their moped operations. You can see all the routes in real-time, track the location of your motorcycle in real time, control your driving speed, and ensure the safety of your motorcycle. This allows them to make data-based decisions, reduce accidents, and optimize operational efficiency.


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