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Discover Trackibus

The innovative solution for school transport fleet management

Welcome to TrackiBus

the innovative solution designed to transform school transportation management. Our platform offers advanced technology to simplify planning, tracking, and communication, ensuring a safe and efficient experience for all.

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Mobile app

Available on IOS and Android

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Why choose
TrackiBus ?

Advanced Safety

With TrackiBus, the safety of your children is our top priority. Our real-time monitoring tools and driver assistance systems ensure that every journey is as safe as possible.

Sécurité Avancée
Gestion Optimisée

Optimized Management

Our dedicated applications for fleet managers enable efficient route planning and optimization, reducing costs and improving service.

Transparent Communication

Parents can track the journey in real-time and receive personalized notifications, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind.

Communication Transparente

A variety of applications tailored
to different types of users



What is TrackiBus?

TrackiBus is an advanced school transportation management solution designed to improve safety, efficiency, and communication between schools, parents, and drivers. It includes specific applications for each user and features like real-time tracking and route optimization.

How does TrackiBus ensure the safety of students?

TrackiBus uses advanced technologies such as real-time tracking, telematics videos, ADAS/DMS systems for driver monitoring, and safety alerts to ensure the safety of students at every step of their journey.

Can parents track their child's bus in real-time?

Yes, the Parent application of TrackiBus allows parents to track the bus in real-time, receive notifications about arrival times, and communicate with the transport service if necessary.

Is it easy for managers to plan and optimize routes?

Yes, the Manager application offers route planning tools and analytics to help managers create efficient routes while considering the safety and comfort of students.

What technology is used for driver tracking?

TrackiBus uses a telematics video system and the ADAS/DMS system to monitor driver behavior, ensuring responsible driving and reducing accident risks.

How does TrackiBus contribute to cost reduction?

By optimizing routes, improving fuel management, and scheduling maintenance, TrackiBus helps schools save on operational costs while maintaining high-quality service.

How can I get TrackiBus for my school or district?

To integrate TrackiBus into your school transportation system, contact us via our contact page to discuss your specific needs and arrange a demo.

Is TrackiBus compatible with all types of phones and tablets?

The TrackiBus application is designed to be compatible with most modern mobile devices. For specific information on compatibility, please check the technical section or contact us directly.

Qu'est-ce que TrackiBus ?

Discover now how TrackiBus can revolutionize

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