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Fuel Management

In the face of current economic and environmental challenges

optimized fuel management has become a necessity for companies managing a vehicle fleet. Our innovative solution offers comprehensive tools to monitor, analyze, and optimize fuel usage, contributing to more sustainable and economical management.

Face aux défis économiques et environnementaux actuels


Real-Time Monitoring

Our advanced system collects precise data on the fuel consumption of each vehicle in your fleet, allowing you to monitor performance in real-time. Identify trends, spot inefficient driving behaviors, and take swift corrective actions to improve energy efficiency

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Alertes de Carburant

Fuel Alerts

Configure personalized alerts to be immediately informed in case of abnormal consumption or low fuel levels. These instant notifications help you maintain control and prevent fuel loss or fraud.

Detailed Reports

Use our customized reports for an in-depth analysis of fuel consumption. Examine historical data, compare performance between different vehicles or periods, and identify opportunities for improvement to reduce fuel expenses

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Optimisation des Itinéraires

Route Optimization

Our solution integrates fuel management with a route optimization tool. Reduce unnecessary miles traveled, avoid traffic-dense areas, and decrease fuel consumption with shorter, more efficient routes.


Encourage and train your drivers in eco-driving practices with real-time feedback. Reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and vehicle wear by adopting gentler and more efficient driving habits.



Join the many companies that have already

optimized their fuel management with STG Telematics and take a new step towards smarter and more sustainable fleet management.


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