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Optimize personnel transport management

Optimisez la gestion des transports de personnel

Welcome to Navigo

the cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize personnel transport management. With Navigo, transform logistical challenges into opportunities for efficiency and comfort for your employees.

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Mobile app

Available on IOS and Android

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Why choose

Significant Savings

NAVIGO reduces fuel and maintenance costs through route optimization and predictive maintenance, offering you substantial savings.

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Improved Productivity

Less time on the road equals more productive time for your business. NAVIGO streamlines journeys, avoiding delays and increasing overall efficiency.

Exceptional Customer Support

Enjoy tailored support with a dedicated team ready to meet your specific needs, ensuring you make the most of our fleet management solution.

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How can NAVIGO help reduce my fleet's costs?

NAVIGO reduces costs by optimizing routes, decreasing fuel consumption, and preventing maintenance needs through detailed reports

Is NAVIGO suitable for the size of my fleet?

Yes, NAVIGO is designed to adapt to all fleet sizes, offering personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

How can I access NAVIGO?

You can access NAVIGO via our web or mobile application, available on multiple platforms for an optimal user experience.

What kind of support is offered to NAVIGO users?

We provide comprehensive support, including technical assistance, training for new users, and regular advice to optimize your use of NAVIGO

Is it possible to track expenses and manage invoices with NAVIGO?

Yes, NAVIGO allows you to track expenses and manage invoices, providing features for detailed financial oversight and reporting.

Comment NAVIGO peut-il aider à réduire les coûts de ma flotte ?

Discover today how NAVIGO can transform

your fleet management and revolutionize your operational efficiency!


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STG Telematics LLC
16192 Costal Highway, Lewes, De 19958, USA