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Discover EV Connect

The innovative solution for electric fleet management

Welcome to the EV CONNECT platform

EV Connect welcomes you to a world where electric fleet management means efficiency, sustainability, and savings. Our advanced platform offers unmatched tools to maximize your fleet’s performance and minimize its environmental impact.

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EV Connect ?

Battery Optimization

Maximize the lifespan and performance of your batteries with advanced management tools.

Optimisation de la batterie
Suivi en temps réel

Real-time Tracking

Keep a constant eye on your fleet with precise tracking of location and vehicle status.

Cost Reduction

Decrease your operational expenses with more efficient energy and maintenance management.

Réduction des coûts
Engagement pour la durabilité

Commitment to Sustainability

Actively contribute to the ecological transition by optimizing the use of electric vehicles.



Tire Pressure Monitoring

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your fleet by maintaining optimal tire pressure

Recharge Scheduling

Plan your recharges to take advantage of off-peak rates and reduce electricity costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate maintenance needs to avoid unexpected and costly downtimes.


How does EV Connect help reduce costs?

EV Connect provides optimized energy management, allowing scheduled recharges during off-peak hours for lower rates, efficient battery usage for longer life, and proactive maintenance to avoid costly repairs. These combined contribute to significant operational cost reduction.

Is EV Connect compatible with all types of electric vehicles?

Yes, EV Connect aims to be universally compatible. We constantly work to integrate all new electric vehicle models, ensuring smooth management of your diverse fleet.

How can I access EV Connect?

Access EV Connect wherever you are via our secure web and mobile application. Whether you're in the office or on the go, your fleet is always within reach.

Can reports and alerts in EV Connect be customized?

Absolutely. EV Connect offers customization options so you can tailor reports and alerts to your fleet's specific needs, providing you with the most relevant information.

How does EV Connect contribute to vehicles' preventive maintenance?

By continuously monitoring the condition of vehicles, EV Connect can identify trends and early signs of potential problems. This allows intervention before small issues become big troubles, saving time and money on maintenance.

Comment accéder à EV Connect ?

With EV Connect, propel your fleet management

towards unprecedented efficiency and sustainability.


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