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Discover Wastrack

for optimal waste collection management

Faced with growing
urban challenges

efficient waste management becomes crucial for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable city. WASTRACK brings an advanced technological solution that transforms the way waste is managed, involving all stakeholders: from administrators to citizens. Discover how our innovative application can help your city become a model of smart and responsible waste management.

Face à des défis urbains croissants

Mobile app

Available on IOS and Android

Face à des défis urbains croissants


Real-time Monitoring

Accurate tracking of collection vehicles for optimal route management.

Surveillance en temps réel
Contrôle du carburant

Fuel Control

Manage and optimize fuel consumption of vehicles for increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

Access in-depth reports to continually assess and improve your operations

Analyses détaillées et reporting
Nombre de tâches accomplies par véhicule

Number of tasks completed per vehicle

Track the performance and efficiency of each vehicle in terms of tasks completed

Driver Tracking

Ensure safety and compliance through monitoring driving habits

Suivi du conducteur
Interface intuitive et facile à utiliser

Intuitive and Easy-to-use Interface

Enjoy a seamless user experience, suitable for all users, regardless of their technological proficiency

Route Optimization

Plan the most efficient routes to reduce delays and save energy

Optimisation des itinéraires

Three Applications
One Complete Solution



WASTRACK is an innovative urban waste management application that facilitates communication and coordination between city administrators, waste collectors, and citizens.

How does WASTRACK help optimize waste management?

WASTRACK offers features such as real-time GPS monitoring, route optimization, vehicle and driver performance tracking, as well as analytical and reporting tools to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Is the WASTRACK application free for users?

Yes, the application is free for citizens. They can download it on iOS and Android platforms to report issues, follow cleanliness initiatives, and actively participate in their city's waste management.

How can waste collectors benefit from WASTRACK?

Waste collectors can use the application to receive their daily tasks, follow optimized routes, and document completed tasks, increasing their efficiency and helping them better manage their time and resources.

Does WASTRACK offer features for municipal administrators?

Absolutely. For administrators, WASTRACK provides an overview of operations, real-time tracking and management tools, detailed analytics, and the ability to generate reports for informed decision-making.

Is WASTRACK secure and privacy-conscious?

Security and privacy are priorities for WASTRACK. We use advanced technologies to protect data and ensure its confidentiality, in compliance with local and international data protection regulations.

How can I get help or support for using WASTRACK?

For any assistance or inquiries, you can contact our support team via our contact form on the website, or consult our online help section for user guides and tips.

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