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Discover Team Up

A complete solution for employee management


In a world where flexibility and efficiency are essential, STG Telematics presents Team Up, an avant-garde solution designed to transcend the boundaries of traditional team management. By combining cutting-edge technology and an intuitive interface, Team Up is the perfect tool for leaders looking to optimize productivity, improve communication, and maintain balanced supervision of their team.

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Mobile app

Available on IOS and Android

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Real-time tracking

Track your employees’ activities in real time during work hours with an easy-to-install application on all smartphones.

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Define specific geographic areas for precise management of movements and receive instant alerts.

Geolocated check-in and field missions

Facilitate attendance tracking and field mission management with the ability for your employees to document their work with photos.

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Daily task management

Assign and track daily tasks, thus optimizing efficiency and time management.


Advantages and

Ease of installation and use

Ready to use in minutes, with a user-friendly interface.


Designed to adapt to various sectors, from logistics to customer service.

Continuous improvement

Regular updates to integrate the latest innovations and customer feedback.


How does Team Up ensure respect for employees' privacy?

Team Up is designed with privacy as a priority. Employees control work and private modes, ensuring their personal data remains confidential outside work hours.

Can I customize Team Up according to my company's specific needs?

Absolutely. Team Up offers customizable modules to perfectly fit your sector and specific processes, allowing you to maintain your work methods while benefiting from our platform's advantages.

What types of alerts and notifications can I receive with Team Up?

You can configure alerts for various events, such as infractions, unexpected absences, entering or exiting geo-zones, and much more. Notifications can be received by email, SMS, or even phone call.

How does the geofencing feature work?

Le geofencing vous permet de créer des zones virtuelles autour de lieux spécifiques. Lorsqu'un employé entre ou sort de ces zones, Team Up vous envoie une alerte. C'est idéal pour suivre la sécurité et optimiser la gestion des déplacements.

How can Team Up help improve my team's productivity?

Team Up provides a real-time overview of your employees' location, task progress, and adherence to deadlines. With analysis and reporting tools, you can identify bottlenecks and continuously improve processes.

Is it possible to track expenses and manage invoices with Team Up?

Yes, Team Up simplifies expense management. Employees can photograph invoices and submit them directly for approval or reimbursement, streamlining expense tracking and accounting.

What support is available if we encounter problems with Team Up?

We offer comprehensive customer support for Team Up. Our team is available to answer your questions, assist with setup, and resolve any technical issues you may encounter.

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